500+ MegaPixels?

DigiTiler photographs are 10-times more realistic than today’s high end cameras.  So what? Does anyone complain that the posters of fashion models are blurry? Or online photos dull? Of course not.  But that’s only because they haven’t seen anything different.  Most people just glance at today’s posters from far away.

View my latest images here.

Super high resolution images tell two stories at the same time, the story viewed at a distance, and the story viewed up close.   At two feet, a bracelet on a model’s hand doesn’t look like a smudgy pastel, it looks 3D, as if you could touch it.


  • Large finer-detail and color rich posters that get noticed
  • On-line deep-zoom explorations of a product’s best details
  • Better reference images for your R&D, or design team.

A couple of robotic DigiTilers

Here is Mark Wylie using the DigiTiler to photograph model Fiona Lin

The images are here

DigiTilers are custom-built and start at $1,000,  depending on the photographer’s needs.  Here’s an article that explains the issues the DigiTiler tries to solve. Contact Max for more information.

Digitiler on Graflex 4×5 with 210mm lens at f22
Sony A7r with Zeiss 55mm at f7.1