Local Photo

After discussing your needs, projects generally have two parts, shooting and post-processing.   For every hour of shooting, assume I’ll spend at least another hour at a computer.  If possible, I complete every project in 24 hours.  We can always fine-tune later.

  • 1-hour.  $100 (whatever I can do with camera and laptop in an hour).  And I can get a lot done in an hour.  Don’t be shy about choosing this option!
  • Quarter-day:  $200.  Headshots, real-estate condos, product photography/video, etc.
  • Half-day Project: $450 A more elaborate version of the above.
  • Company-mission or product photos/video for YouTube or website: Starting at $600 (can include a professional writer).

Please look at my Flickr Albums for an idea of my visual style.  Here a sample video.

Any questions, please feel free to ask!  I can be reached at max at maxotics dot com.  Or text my cell for a time to talk, at nine one seven (I used to live in NYC) 596 zero 3 73