Multi Camera Buddy

YouTube Video explanation.   Are you a one-person film crew wishing you could do 2-person interviews, multi-camera car filming, like “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee”?  This gadget allow you to quickly mount light camcorders and action cams to get all the views.  Mount it in a car for side by side multi-camera shots, or mount it on a tripod for face-to-face discussions.

DigiTiler P – For Ricoh GR

Allows you to take 2 to 15 shots with your Ricoh GR without worrying about parallax problems. A super light-weight gadget for creating partial panorama images. A 15 image stitch will give you about 300 megapixels. Stitching software not included (I recommend Microsoft ICE for PCs).  Still improving, so what you order should look better than what’s in the photos! Please contact me with any questions!  Photos that I’ve taken with this thing are in a Flick Album Here.  Explanations etc in YouTube video here.

Vlogging Mirror for tilt-screen cameras

See what the camera is recording from in front of the camera! Tested with Sony A6000, A6300, A7R, Fuji XT-2.  Should work with any tilt-screen camera

Vlogging Mirror for all cameras (those with LCDs fixed onto back of camera)

YouTube video

No Parallax Point Finder

YouTube Video showing use.

Close-up Lens Kit for Sony FDR-X3000 and HDR-AS300

More on YouTube

Allows you, or a subject, that’s a few feet away, to appear more in focus.  There are some optical trade-offs, so only providing as an experimental kit.

Camera Riser Block

Block that raises camera off tripod, making it easy to insert/remove memory cards/batteries.  Also has straight-through and threaded holes to attach arms, lights, mics.

In Development:

These ARE available in their current form (that is as prototypes).  Email me at max at maxotics for more info.

DigiTiler P for Sony A6XXX and A7:  Super light-weight, small partial-pano maker for Sony mirror-less cameras with 55mm to 85mm primes.  Allows you to take 2 to 35 shots and stitch them together later for a higher resolution/wider-angle photo.

Super light-weight balsa/basswood Light Stand Jigs