DJI OSMO Pocket Cage

I carry the DJI pocket gimbal in my fanny-pack or pocket. When I want to shoot something, I don’t want to take it out of the case and then figure out how to get it back in. For some reason, I am mentally challenged here.

So I’ve been building cages where the gimbal is protected but ready to use once I grab it. Since I mostly shoot what’s in front of me, or myself selfie-style, the support pillars don’t bother me. When the camera swings around, they blur nicely. I can quickly remove the camera if need-be.

Yes, there is a tripod mount on the bottom.

Various builds from first to most recent.

Here are some close-ups of the latest build.

I can also add mounts for mics, lights, or other things on the 2nd version

Ultimately, I want a quick way to mount it next to my still cameras. I’ll create a mount for a shotgun mic or set of lavs. Maybe lights?

I’m going to build these by request. I can do a basic one for $50. If you’d like one, please contact me! We’ll work out what will work best for you. Thanks!