Fixing Chinese Focal Reducer to fit on BMPCC

I bought a focal reducer to use with my Nikon 24mm 2.8D on my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera.  Getting an effective 0.7 * 24mm, or 17mm starting at 1.8 (1 stop reduction) intrigued me. Andrew Reid, the genius behind EOSHD, is a big proponent focal reducers.  As a hobbyist, I couldn’t justify the cost of a Metabones adapter.  

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Magic Lantern and Blackmagic RAW Video

Why RAW? The short answer is video that has a film look, natural light and color.

RAW video can provide a look and feel that consumer video can’t. It accomplishes this by saving the all the color detail it sees while recording. Consumer video, what I’ll call H.264 (the name of the most popular compression CODEC in use today) is designed to deliver a pleasing moving image—sharp,

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