Vlogging Mirror for Sony Cameras

This page describes an old version.  The new version DSLR Shooter demoed is here: Vlogging Mirror For Tilt-Screen Cameras Version 2

I’ve been developing a gadget that allows one to vlog (selfie style) with a Sony A6000 type camera.  I have the A6000 and the A6300.  Here’s a short video

I have no idea if anyone will want one of these things.  

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Graflex 4×5 Digital Back Part II

For large-format portraiture to work, using a sensor-stitch method, I believe the total “exposure” time must be under 10 seconds. The longer the capture takes, the higher the risk that the subject will blink, or move in a way that ruins the stitched composite (like an arm sliced off).  If it’s windy, one has to worry about hair,

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Ricoh GR on Newbury Street

Marilyn had to return a dress on Newbury Street.  My Mom wanted to go somewhere.  Thelma didn’t want to stay home.   We went to the Trident Bookstore,  which I highly recommend both for eating and reading.  Marilyn put us on the wait-list then took off, Thelma following her.   Our table was in front of the window between the wait-staff and kitchen.

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