4×5 Digital Back Part V – High Resolution Color

UPDATE 8/29/16: I see that OpenSeadragon is linking here.  LATEST Openseadragon images are here on Tumblr. (Thanks again Ian Gilman for making that possible!)

For now, I’ve put aside my goal of high-speed image tiling for portraits.  Instead, I’m trying to get a reliable (manual shooting) work-flow for 4×5 imaging for landscapes or still-life photography.  

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4×5 Digital Back Part IV

UPDATE 10/1/16: Check out the latest photos made by a DigiTiler at Digitiler.com

Development of the “DigiTiler” continues into its fourth month. After hundreds of hours and dollars spent on a custom electronic trigger I discovered the 41-cent micro limit switch. After a little work with some pliers and a scroll-saw,

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Graflex Digital Back Part III

Even with problems, I love most of the images I’m getting with, what I’m calling, the “Digi-tiler”, or Digital Tiler.  Especially this one of Marilyn (who was passing by my office on the way to the market).


Instead of holding the Digitiler to the camera with velcro and wires I’ve been able to construct a Graflok back that slides on and off the camera.  

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