Asics GT 2000 and Mizuno Wave Rider

When Mark Wylie told me he was getting sneakers for his wife, I asked if he’d shoot them with a Digitiler before wearing them. He bought some Asics and she bought Mizunos.

We didn’t try to maximize resolution. Both images are around 300 megapixels. The way Asics and Mizuno use mesh to create a sneaker that is both light and strong is evident in these photos.  

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Gillette, Ready For Your Close-up?

Like others who have written about razors, I come to the subject cynically, with pent-up feeling of having been ripped off or, at least confused, every time I shop for them. And like others, some quality time with the plaster pieces of disposable metal and congealed sludge bring on some feelings of respect for the corporations that make them.

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Why Large Format Digital Photography?

Because large-format photography looks better than small-format photography.  It always has.


Click here to zoom into image created with a DigiTiler and Sony A7R.

Then why don’t more photographers use it?  For starters, you can’t throw this in your bag and shoot a wedding or corporate event:

From the beginning,

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