Sigma SD14 Foveon Vs Canon T1i Bayer

I’m assuming you know something of the Sigma Foveon sensor controversy; that is, are they superior to the Bayer sensors found in Canons, Nikons, and most other cameras?  I bought a used DP1 on Craigslist a couple of years ago for $350.  It’s a lot of money for me to spend on a camera, especially one that has a reputation,

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Logitech 910 Robotic Panoramas

All winter, while my workshop (garage) has been too cold for robotics, I’ve dreamed about making a panoramic robot with one of Logitech’s new HD webcams. This weekend I got to it.

The 910 has a 5mp sensor (though they use software to bring that up to 10mp for advertising foolishness). Naturally, a webcam will never beat the photo quality of my Canon G10 (now G12–more on that in the weeks to follow) or Sigma DP1 that I used last summer,

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