Vlogging Mirror For Tilt-Screen Cameras

UPDATE  Latest mirror gadgets here: vlogging mirrors page 

A new version of the vlogging mirror is now available.  It works with all tilt-screen cameras.  Features

  • Allows you or your subject to check their composition while filming
  • Fits any tilt screen: Sony A6000, A6300, A6500, A7, A7S, A7RII, Canon C100, etc.
  • Easy set-up, no HDMI cables, power cords or fuss.
  • Weighs almost nothing and folds up for easy storage and transport
  • If you have a mic on the cold-shoe, allows you to see yourself above it
  • Hand-made, money-back guarantee



Note that the image will be in reverse, so menu display items will be backwards (though readable to most).


15 thoughts on “Vlogging Mirror For Tilt-Screen Cameras”

  1. Brilliant. Way to go. I saw it on Caleb’s YT channel, DSLR Video Shooter.
    I see a hole on the arm that leads me to believe you can bring that mirror down at get it closer to the camera. The upper hole is handy just in case you have a hot shoe mounted mic and need the mirror above the mic. Rather than a hole, a slot would be helpful to make quick adjustments. Rather than plastic, I’d prefer lightweight aluminum or other lightweight metal. in my experience. plastic is far too fragile for road use. Price, $29.95 (free shipping). (that’s the marketing major in me).
    I’m a Nikon D5500 user with a swing around vlog style monitor and wouldn’t need the item, but for all the non-vlog style reciprocal camera users out there, this may be just the thing. Who knows, I may use a Sony knowing this is around. or a Nikon D500 which does not have a full swing around monitor. Although unsolicited, please take my criticisms as constructive and as a help as you continue to develop the product. Lastly, patent it if you can, and license it and make some “mailbox” money from this idea. I can see this hanging in the camera section of every BestBuy store and the like around the country. Lastly, try a version for the iPhone 7plus (now 8 plus) The selfie camera is inferior to the main camera(s) and I prefer using the main camera(s). This could be a help to those of us who and to take the guess out of using the main camera on our iPhones or Samsungs for that matter.
    Be encouraged. This is a great idea.

    1. Thanks Paul. Suggestions/criticism always welcome! This is one of many gadgets I’m building. You’re right about the second hole. I failed to explain it to Caleb. I’m more in the WD-40 camp than the patent camp 😉 I expect if it’s popular it will be knocked off. If the gadget does have a market, which is far from certain, I hope people will buy from me anyway to get the latest improvements or just because they like to be part of the adventure. Thanks again for the ideas!

    1. XT-1 yes. Nikon D800 no, because the screen is fixed into camera (I believe). If people show an interest in this gadget I will made another version that can be used with the D800 or any camera with a fixed LCD on back. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Was going to ask about the Fuji X-T2, but as you say it works with the X-T1 it should be OK. But just wanted to say a big thank you – I know people will say it’s a simple gadget, but they didn’t think of it! Simple but effective and solves a big problem for cameras that don’t swivel. 🙂

  3. Hello,
    I am interested in purchasing your version 2 vlogging mirror. Have a couple of questions.

    I have a Sony RX100 M2…I assume it will work with it as well? Also, the version of this product shown on amazon is different that the slim version shown above. Thus I clicked on the pay with Paypal link however once signed into Palpal there is no link to purchase your product. Please advise when you get a chance. Congrats on the innovative product!


    1. Hi Chris, sorry, a work in progress so “products” are changing. I’ll email you privately and see if I can get something working for you! I haven’t tested with that camera.

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