Ricoh GR on Newbury Street

Marilyn had to return a dress on Newbury Street.  My Mom wanted to go somewhere.  Thelma didn’t want to stay home.   We went to the Trident Bookstore,  which I highly recommend both for eating and reading.  Marilyn put us on the wait-list then took off, Thelma following her.   Our table was in front of the window between the wait-staff and kitchen. Unfortunately,  I couldn’t take the photos I wanted, without looking conspicuous.  So I had to take a table shot (pretending I was fiddling with the dials).  I wish you could see all the people moving about the Trident.  It’s quite a scene on Sunday.


Outside we ran into Sara, her daughter and Star from our Hanover days.  I took out the Sony A7/55mm for that one.


Edith and Dru took off after our meal.  About a block down, I stepped into the street and took a photo of the passers-by.  It’s almost impossible not to get interesting shots on Newbury Street.


I then went back to the car to drop off the take-away bag Edith and Dru put together at the restaurant.  I walked Pepper.  I saw a utility box and took a self-portrait.  It’s a nice shot with Pepper, but I cropped her out, figuring it makes for a more interesting photograph…unless you like dogs.  You’d never like Pepper.  No one likes Pepper.  Pepper doesn’t like anyone.  You learn to love the dog you have.  I know it doesn’t look like I love Pepper.


I took some photos of Pepper only.  None of them are good.  So back to the passers-by.


A technique that works for me, is finding something I want to take a photograph of, without people.  Then you wait for people.




























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