All Shoots Are Depressing

I rarely like any photograph until I’ve been away from it for a year or so.   Before I take out my camera I plan what I want to do.  I try to work methodically.  All that vaporizes into a cloud of distractions and confusions once I start shooting.   I spent a lot of time preparing for this photo, yet I can’t remember how I used the lighting, what I was thinking.  It was quick.  Most of my photo sessions are quick because, working with friends and family, few have an interest in becoming my modeling slave.   I like the following photograph, though it is recent.  I just don’t know how I’d replicate if I wanted.

Most of the pleasure I get from photography comes from photographs I’ve taken years ago, for which I seldom remember what camera, equipment, techniques I used.  The value of photography is always in the future.  In the here and now, it’s mostly sadness for me and wasted time over-thinking things–or is that part of it?

Sony A7, TopCor  100mm, Fiilex LED lights
Sony A7, TopCor 100mm, Fiilex LED lights

I have trouble breaking my habit of not creating new layers in Photoshop.  So I don’t know how I got this look.

I was explaining my feelings about photography and my brother Mike said, “it sounds like golf”.  It is.  You make progress fixing one part of your game only to watch other parts of your game fall apart.   Why do I keep doing something that brings me to near-tears once I open the images?

I was busy with work, so couldn’t focus on photography when a friend’s kid dropped by for some shots.  Will I like this photo in a year.  Right now I look at the shot and wonder what I was thinking.  The day was completely miserable.  Yet I may look at this photos, or others from the day, and feel good.


The color seems wrong.  It feels like it can be a good photograph.


Again, the colors feel wrong.

If anyone has any ideas how I can improve my portraits, please let me know.

What surprises me about photography is that I have NO IDEA what a good photograph is.  I have trouble picking the photographs I like best, no matter their quality.  Portraits of happy families always make me happy.

This wasn’t a planned shot.  I was taking photos of Dan for his website when his family showed up.

A7 and Zeiss 55mm/1.8
A7 and Zeiss 55mm/1.8









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