Sony a6000 and Fujian 35mm 1.7 c-mount TV lens

I would hesitate to admit it, but if I had to take any lens to a desert island, it might be the $30 Fujian 35mm 1.7 c-mount lens made for CCTV video cameras.  This is a lens never made to pass any DxO test.  Until recently, I used it on an EOS-M; however, I needed a loupe or reading glasses because the EOS-M doesn’t have a view-finder.  A week ago,  I bought an a6000 body so I could get back to one of my favorite lenses with an EVF.  With a $20 Nikon to Nex adapter, I have plenty of other lenses to use on the a6000 or a7.

Here are some of the test photos I took with the a6000.  I’ve said it elsewhere, this is the best $30 I’ve ever spend on photographic equipment, period.  Click on any of the images to see a larger version.

This is the corner of Pemberton and Rindge.  I’m tired of looking at this corner, but not with this lens.



Or the park I walk Pepper to every day.


When I want to draw attention to a solitary feeling


Harsh light works with this lens, not against it.


At a flea market


And finally, I love this photo.  Don’t ask me why.


Here’s a portrait I took with the lens on an EOS-M

Fujian 35mm used for Portrait

You can get this lens on Amazon or Ebay with a c-mount to NEX adapter usually thrown in.  I’ve used this lens on MFT also, but the look isn’t the same.  The smaller sensor of the MFT doesn’t show as much blur.



9 thoughts on “Sony a6000 and Fujian 35mm 1.7 c-mount TV lens”

  1. I really like my Fujian 35mm f1.7, and your work with it and the EOS-M was a big influence on my decision to purchase both the lens and the camera.

    I have only shot one piece with the camera/lens combination — this test.

    I have seen some good examples of the Fujian used with micro 4/3 cameras. However, the wonderful “wonkyness” of its focus really pops with APS-C/S35 cameras (which are able to utilize the Fujian’s amazingly large image circle) that possess short flange focal distances. Such cameras include the ones you mentioned: the EOS-M; the a6000; and the A7s (in crop mode).

    Thanks again for all of your inspiring posts and work!

    1. I was inspiring? You made my day! I agree, the Fujian hits a sweat spot on APS-C sized cameras that it doesn’t on others. Great video!

  2. Hi, I bought the sony A6000 and the silver fujian 35mm f1.7 recently, with the C-NEX adapter but I can not focus beyond 4 inches, does not focus on infinity, other manual lenses I have (helios 58mm f2, Samyang 85mm f1 .4) and work perfectly in manual.Can ouy help me with the settings on the camera to focus to infinity with fujian? Do I have to put a ring extension? or is it broken?. Excuse my English is not good. Great post. Thank you very much.

    1. It is possible you have a bad copy of the lens. Is it silver or black? Are you sure it’s crewed in all the way? It’s possible the adapter/lens won’t allow for it to get properly close to the sensor, or it may need to be screwed out a bit. I doubt it’s broken. Just needs some adjusting. I never shoot infinity on it, so for all I know mine can’t do that either!

      1. Thank’s for answering Max. It’s the silver one.It comes with two adapters, C-NEX and C-M4/3, both very thin. On camera, f numbers down but that does not worry me. Yes, I think that may be the distance between the lens and the sensor, and an extender ring needed, but I don’t know. Very critical focusing at f1.4, solved with peaking. Fantastic in macro, but no focus at f16 from, more or less, 1meter to ∞. I’ll test it with different rings.

      2. – Heath, you have hit close to home with this one. Long shadows like these inipsred my Morning Light project, but I could only dream of capturing something like this. Fantastic image! Composition and colors are amazing, and the sunburst sets it all off. Well done my friend!

    1. No, though I love the method. That’s the beauty of this inexpensive lens on an APS-C sized sensor. It gives a similar effect without multiple shots and stitching. However, the resolution/color is not high-res like the brenizer method.

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