Sigma SD14 as Panorama Camera

I built a quick manual panorama maker for the Sigma out of particle board and lazy susans.  Here’s the setup:

I used the 50-200mm lens, and set it to 50mm.  Although the camera takes nice pictures, as expected, the buffer is too slow.  After taking about 7 images I’d have to wait around half a minute while the buffer emptied, and then take 7 more.  I took 3-row panos, 36 columns, or 108 images.

Microsoft ICE was updated recently.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a major upgrade.  The 64-bit version is fast, but the structured pano come in at lower resolutions than the panoramas created automatically.  I’m sure there’s a good reason for this, but I don’t have time to read the newsgroups.

If you’ve never used ICE before don’t get me wrong.  The software is a lot of fun and HIGHLY recommended.  It’s free.

Here’s a panorama of the Dartmouth Alumni Gym (there are a couple of dead spots because I got distracted talking to a friend).

And here is one of Berrill Farms, which is a quarter-mile up from my house. The clouds were moving, so it created light problems.

Just in case you think I’m knocking the Sigma camera, look at this shot. When it comes to color the Foveon sensors really do shine.

That’s it from here.

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