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Give your customers a richer visual experience!

To achieve resolutions 20 times larger than even the $40,000 medium format Hassablad, we developed the “Digitiler”.

Many say “There’s already too much resolution in today’s digital media”.  Ten years ago they said that about HD.  Five years ago they said that about 4K.

These extraordinarily detailed high-resolution photographs are used for:

  • Fun zoom-in viewing of product texture and features
  • Large format images that don’t pix-elate when viewed up close (people can get close to in-store posters)

Latest experimental shots posted at maxotics.tumblr.com

For an technical idea of what the DigiTiler can do, here are a couple of zoom-ins comparing the digitiler with a Sony A7r, one the highest resolution cameras available.  You can zoom into these images side by side here.

See for yourself if our photography can help you better engage your customers.  We won’t be offended if you conclude that it won’t.

Have question?  Max can be reached at nine-one-7 59-six 037 three.  Or email him (max) at this site name.

Digitiler on Graflex 4×5 with 210mm lens at f22

Sony A7r with Zeiss 55mm at f7.1