Photo / Video Services

When time allows from my “work-work”, I welcome photography or video projects.  Below are my rates if you’re in the New England area; that is, 20 minutes from North Cambridge.

Projects generally have two parts, the shooting and the post-processing.   For every hour I shoot I typically need another hour to prepare for end-use.  Therefore, for every hour of shooting, please assume there be another hour I’ll need to spend at the computer.

  • 1-hour shoot:  $150.  Headshots, real-estate shoots (condo size), product photography/video.  Anything I can point a camera at.
  • Half-day Project: $300-$500 Generally 3-4 hours doing a more elaborate version of the above.
  • Photography / Video / Laser Cutter/3d Printer/CNC Lessons: Want to learn?  Get your kid/spouse out of the house? Buy a present for you niece or nephew?  $50/hour.  Why teach your kids a love of photography?  Because with what the equipment costs they’ll never have money for drugs! HA HA

Please look at my Flickr Albums for an idea of my style.

And, of course, I’d be happy to work with you on building a camera gadget.

Any questions, please feel free to ask!  I can be reached at max at maxotics dot com.  Or text my cell for a time to talk, at nine one seven (I used to live in NYC) 596 zero 3 73