Why Large Format Digital Photography?

Because large-format photography looks better than small-format photography.  It always has.


Click here to zoom into image created with a DigiTiler and Sony A7R.

Then why don’t more photographers use it?  For starters, you can’t throw this in your bag and shoot a wedding or corporate event:

From the beginning,

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We Visit CatLABs, Large Format Macro Photography Here We Come

I went to visit Mark in JP to do some photography stuff and took this portrait of him in his studio.

He then took this portrait of me with my contraptions.


Remembering that I had yet to visit CatLABs, one of the largest large-format photography stores in the U.S.  

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I Could Make A Better Movie, Not

For the past year, I’ve been trying to produce a web-series.  It’s been slow going.  For awhile, I thought my “day job” was getting in the way.  Later, I struggled with getting actors to show up. As I got closer to lining up all the necessary technology, scripts and people, things began to stall.


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