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Nebula 4000 Stabilizer – Part I

UPDATE February, 2015.  Am now happy with the Nebula.  Feel it best with the Sony A6000 or BMPCC.  It works with the A7 and GH4 of course, but is easier to balance and run with smaller cameras.  I no longer use any weight “mods” like those seen in the picture below; indeed, I don’t recommend them. On YouTube, I saw that Dave Dugdale, at, was spending […]


Logitech 910 Robotic Panoramas

All winter, while my workshop (garage) has been too cold for robotics, I’ve dreamed about making a panoramic robot with one of Logitech’s new HD webcams. This weekend I got to it. The 910 has a 5mp sensor (though they use software to bring that up to 10mp for advertising foolishness). Naturally, a webcam will never beat the photo quality of my Canon G10 (now […]


Doing Mobile Development

I’ve been working on mobile apps for the past few months.

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