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OpenSeadragon On Tumblr

The DigiTiler creates 300+ megapixel images (generally 20,000 x 15,000).  How can we explore such images when our browsers are designed to show images in 4K at best (4096×2160).  After some research I discovered OpenSeadragon.  It’s a Javascript library that creates a “viewer” for high-resolution images; that is, with it you can zoom in/out of any size image.  This should be useful for any large-format […]

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Sigma X3F TIFF Conversion Issues For Blown-out Skies

The Sigma Photo Pro (SPP) software, which must be used to open X3F files, has trouble exporting to TIFF, clipped or blown-out parts of an image, like a cloudy sky, unless you manually adjust exposure and fill.  If you let SPP export in “auto” mode, there is a high risk that you will not be able to recover highlights, from the TIFF, in Photoshop(PS) or […]

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FastStone Image Viewer

If you have a PC, download this software FastStone Image Viewer First, it is fast in everything it does. In the time it takes Photoshop to load I have already edited and processing a few photos in FastStone. It displays and edits RAW photos from Canon AND Sigma cameras. The more you use it, the more you realize you are in the hands of a […]