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Graflex 4×5 Digital Back Part II

For large-format portraiture to work, using a sensor-stitch method, I believe the total “exposure” time must be under 10 seconds. The longer the capture takes, the higher the risk that the subject will blink, or move in a way that ruins the stitched composite (like an arm sliced off).  If it’s windy, one has to worry about hair, trees, etc.   In these posts I […]

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Ricoh GR on Newbury Street

Marilyn had to return a dress on Newbury Street.  My Mom wanted to go somewhere.  Thelma didn’t want to stay home.   We went to the Trident Bookstore,  which I highly recommend both for eating and reading.  Marilyn put us on the wait-list then took off, Thelma following her.   Our table was in front of the window between the wait-staff and kitchen. Unfortunately,  I […]


Isn’t All Photography Borne From False Camera Gods?

On Visual Science Lab, Kirk Tuck enjoys his Olympus MFT cameras so much he sometimes waxes lyrically, ‘they’re good enough for commercial work’.  When a client is writing the check, however, he dutifully brings full-frame Nikons, like the D810, D600 and lately the D750.  I’d like to argue that if he really believed MFT was good enough he’d use them on shoots (and sell the […]