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4×5 Digital Back Part IV

UPDATE 10/1/16: Check out the latest photos made by a DigiTiler at Development of the “DigiTiler” continues into its fourth month. After hundreds of hours and dollars spent on a custom electronic trigger I […]

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Graflex Digital Back Part III

Even with problems, I love most of the images I’m getting with, what I’m calling, the “Digi-tiler”, or Digital Tiler. ¬†Especially this one of Marilyn (who was passing by my office on the way to […]

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Graflex 4×5 Digital Back Part II

For large-format portraiture to work, using a sensor-stitch method, I believe the total “exposure” time must be under 10 seconds. The longer the capture takes, the higher the risk that the subject will blink, or […]

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