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Back to Full-Frame

I was standing on line at Microcenter, waiting to buy a Canon SL1 for $750.  Got tired of waiting and left (note, I love Microcenter, this was a cosmic sign!).  I sold my Nex-7 and […]

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Falling In Love With My New Old Canon 5D

As I wrote in a previous post, the Canon 60D, which came out in late 2010, is a nice camera.  Fantastic video.  Great ergonomics; good high ISO, etc.  But the photos didn’t have the same […]

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Sigma DS2S, SD14, Nikon D90, Samsung TL500 and Canon G12 to Cape Cod

I took those cameras to Cape Cod. My new (to me) DP2s is delivering the same stunning results as my DP1. I took many comparison shots with my friend’s Nikon D90 and zoom lens (sorry, […]

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