Razors and a 1901 Empire 5×7

Bought this Empire 5×7 from photographer Larry Joubert (thank you Larry), who never got around to using it. Will eventually build it a DigiTiler back.

Anyway, below are some roughly 500 megapixel images to ZOOM into and have some fun.

Had some Gillette razors in a box I meant to photograph.

Fiona In A Half Gig

Here Mark Wylie is shooting model¬†Fiona Lin¬†above 500 megapixels using a Model M DigiTiler. She wore limited make-up and we didn’t have a make-up artist on set. If you zoom-in, you will notice that the reflection of her lower-lashes are visible in her eye.

Model: Fiona Lin

With L’Oreal Revitalift

Model: Fiona Lin


We had so much fun we did a portrait.

Model: Fiona Lin


Video of shoot here. For more information on how super high-resolution photography can help you, contact Max at Maxotics.

Zara Handbag

A Zara handbag at 500 megapixels.

Super high resolution photography is here today.