Graflex 4×5 Digital Back DIY

A Graflex 4×5 camera with lenses popped up on Craigslist for $125.  The seller, a photographer Timothy Wilson, explained that he no longer had time for the camera.  He knew the price was a bargain (Thank you, Tim!).  After buying it, I began to research and discovered that other tinkerers are breathing new life into the 4×5 format.  New55Film is manufacturing instant film, which can be used […]

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I Could Make A Better Movie, Not

For the past year, I’ve been trying to produce a web-series.  It’s been slow going.  For awhile, I thought my “day job” was getting in the way.  Later, I struggled with getting actors to show up. As I got closer to lining up all the necessary technology, scripts and people, things began to stall. Recently, we went to visit NYC.  My friend L___, who is […]

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