Hello to you December 25th, 2017

March 8th, 2018.  I have time for photography again…  If you’re interested in super high resolution photography visti Digitiler.com or this page of some New Balance sneakers.  Or here is Fiona.

If you’d like one of my photography/video inventions, please look at the Gadget List Here and let me know what interests you.

If you want to use my code/designs/whatever to build your own vlogging mirror, help me improve mine, or just learn whatever, I’ve posted at my Public Google Drive

Here are my Latest Videos on YouTube  Or my OLD Channel created with a non-gmail account, which Google may one day allow me to combine into my current “gmail account” channel, though I’ve given up hope.  I wonder if Google could have given Facebook a run for its money if Google+ didn’t feel like the mother-of-all confusing kludges.  All the big companies, Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook are beginning to pull apart at the seams.   That’s my experience once I have to do the simplest things, second-level deep on their platforms.

Latest DitiTiler test:

Compare to Sony A7r single frame